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The Sound of Violet helps readers and/or viewers see autism and human trafficking through a new lens.  Author and filmmaker, Allen Wolf tells the story about two dating-challenged people from entirely different walks of life who are the opposite of each other in many significant ways.  Shawn is autistic and struggles with forming relationships as well as physical touch.  When Shawn meets Violet, he believes she is an actress when she's really a prostitute.  Allen Wolf wanted readers and viewers to experience the rollercoaster relationship mainly through Shawn's eyes with glimpses into Violet's world.

Allen states that when he first started writing the story of The Sound of Violet, Violet's character was an "empowered hooker" that you typically see portrayed in Hollywood movies.  However, when he researched prostitution, he realized that the vast majority of these women are being trafficked.  When he consulted with several organizations that work with trafficked people, his eyes were opened and he took a whole new direction in creating Violet's character which he thinks reflects the reality of someone caught up in prostitution today.

In late December of 2022, we had the privilege of being contacted by Allen with an invitation to provide some feedback about
his story and movie.  We read the book and viewed the movie and shared that we were impressed and that we thought his captivating romantic comedy provides an opportunity to see human trafficking as well as autism through a new lens.  

The movie was shown in select movie theaters in 2022 and received many positive reviews.  Sisters in Shelter is encouraging our friends and supporters to participate in The Sound of Violet Book and Movie Tour which is currently under way.  Suggested ways to participate:

  • Read the book

  • Invite others to read the book and have a group discussion

  • View the movie

  • Invite some friends over for a movie night, make popcorn and have a discussion.

The book is available through Amazon.  The movie is available on Apple TV, Prime Video, Vudu, Google Okay, Blu-ray or DVD.

                            If you do participate , we would be interested in hearing about your thoughts and experiences!

                                                                      Sister   Mary   Kuhlman & Judy   Hofmann

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