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Established in May 2021, Hope’s Landing is a nonprofit social enterprise and partner organization of Sisters and Shelter, also located in Tiffin, Ohio. All of our products are made by local survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence who have graduated from Sisters in Shelter's residential healing program.

The profits from our sales will fund the survivor's fair wages. Once all payroll and material costs are covered, any remaining amount will be donated back to Sisters in Shelter to fund their mission of serving human trafficking and domestic violence survivors.

Unfortunately, many survivors struggle to find employment because of various issues including mental health, drug charges, lack of job skills, etc. Hope's Landing will provide them with a fair wage, job training, a money management course, and career development workshops.

This program will equip survivors with the resources necessary to provide for themselves and create a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Our hope is that we can help break the cycle of poverty and abuse that runs rampant in so many communities.

You can purchase products at Hopes-Landing.com or from our booth at any of the farmers markets listed under the events tab.

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