Real Men Don't Buy Girls Campaign

The "Real Men Don't Buy Girls" campaign is a national campaign and people all over the world have posted photos using the hashtag and holding a sign that says "Real Men Don't Buy Girls." Some of the most famous people that have supported the movement are Ashton Kutcher, Bradley Cooper and Justin Timberlake, but we have been working to photograph local leaders and role models, such as Heidelberg President, Rob Huntington, Mayor Montz, and Chris Chase, the owner of Madison Street Tavern.


The campaign is a way for men to show that they are against human trafficking and are in support of survivors. We often think that the traffickers and pimps are the ones to blame, but they would not have a market if men were not buying the girls they sell. This campaign encourages all men to stand up against sex trafficking and show that they are a "real man" by refusing to participate in this horrific and inhumane business.