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Sisters in Shelter provides Case Management services to survivors of Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence, as well as educating the community on the prevalence of these social issues.


Our non-profit organization originated in 2005 by the Sisters of St. Francis, where they began assisting survivors and providing community education.  Once this epidemic of Human Trafficking was identified, and how close to home it really is, Sisters in Shelter has been dedicated to providing community education and much needed support to survivors in our community. 


Beginning in October 2019, we have expanded our services to assist not only Human Trafficking survivors but also survivors of Domestic Violence as both of these issues are occuring right in our own communities and it is our passion to help build independence and strength for these individuals.


Our mission is to support survivors and bring to light the extensive issue of Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence, and the need to address it in our own community.

To learn more about SIS, head to "About Us" or check out the video below


Sisters in Shelter is dedicated to community involvement and support

Survivor Advocacy

Individualized Assistance

Sisters in Shelter has services available if you or a loved one is currently involved in a Human Trafficking or Domestic Violence situation, or if you are a survivor of either of these issues.  Based on an Individualized Case Plan, Sisters in Shelter provides services including but not limited to - transportation, assistance with necessities, obtaining/maintaining housing, etc.

Volunteer Opportunities

Get Involved in the Cause

Our organization feels strongly about involving the community in our efforts to make an impact.  Volunteers are greatly appreciated and have many opportunities to assist Sisters in Shelter.  There are also internship opportunities for students who would like to gain experience working in human services and with individuals who have experienced trauma.

Schedule a Presentation

Educating the Community

Sisters in Shelter provides presentations in a variety of settings: schools, churches, organizations/businesses, etc.  Schedule a presentation to gain knowledge and understanding of Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence and their impact in our society.

"People were created to be loved.  Things were created to be used.  The reason why the world is in chaos is because things are being loved and people are being used."

- Unknown

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