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We have lots of volunteer opportunities here at Sisters in Shelter! Some of these include helping us with day to day client needs, fundraising, and assisting with presentations and events. 

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Internships offered:

  • Summer

  • Fall

  • Spring


Our internships allow you to gain experience working with human services, trauma survivors, non-profits, marketing and more!

We offer 2 internships every semester, including summer, one with an advocacy focus and one with a social work focus.

The advocacy internship concentrates on community education and advocating for human trafficking and domestic violence survivors. This typically includes helping run our social media, planning fundraising initiatives and other events, and accompanying us to presentations.


"Not only do I get to see the direct impact of my work, but I get to spend several hours each week in an empowering environment with women I admire. This semester I've learned to take charge, network, and collaborate with others. This has made me feel more confident in my abilities, work ethic, and professionalism."

-Emma Baughman, Spring 2021 Advocacy Intern

The social work internship concentrates on working directly with our human trafficking and domestic violence survivors. This often times includes taking them to appointments, doing activities, and maintaining the safe house.

"I have learned how to respectfully help women deal with the experiences that have shaped them. I have learned how to be both a good mentor and friend for women of all walks of life. I really liked feeling like I am making a difference in the lives of amazing women who simply need someone to help them find their light again. My favorite part is journaling with the women with a new prompt every week, and helping them self reflect and find out more about themselves."

-Kassidy Mason, Spring 2021 Social Work Intern

You will get the chance to work in an empowering environment while giving hope to those who need it most.

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