Get Involved


We have lots of volunteer opportunities here at Sisters in Shelter! Some of these include helping us with day to day client needs, fundraising, and assisting with presentations and events. Those interested can volunteer as much or as little as they would like!

For more information, email Kjirsten Chevalier at!


Our internships allow you to gain experience working with human services, trauma survivors, non-profits, marketing and more!

​Given that our organization deals with a wide array of tasks, interns may request a primary focus within our organization to assist with learning and building for future careers. Schedules are flexible! We want to help you while you help us! 


You will get the chance to work in an empowering environment while giving hope to those who need it most.


Internships offered:

  • Summer

  • Fall

  • Spring

For more information, email Kjirsten Chevalier at!

(567) 938-6163

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