Sisters in Shelter is a non-profit organization located in Tiffin, Ohio that offers a wide array of services to human trafficking.  We also strive to educate the community on these issues and the need to address them right here in Tiffin. We operate a safe house that provides 3 women with their own bedroom and bathroom as they work to get back on their feet. Everything is supplied for them including food, hygiene products, individualized case management, and transportation. 

Our mission is to support survivors and illuminate the atrocities of human trafficking through community education and advocacy.

Our Services:

  • Safe Housing

  • Financial Assistance

  • Emotional Support

  • Community Education

  • Case Management

  • Advocacy

  • Transportation

  • Anything else the clients need, we find a way to get them access (STD testing, counseling, legal help, etc.)

About Us


Following desperate pleas from numerous human trafficking survivors in 2005, the Sisters of St. Francis in Tiffin, Ohio joined forces with the Religious Sisters of the Toledo Diocese to do all that was in their power to eradicate sex trafficking from Northwest Ohio.  These pleas for safety were successfully met until 2010 when funding no longer permitted safe housing.

The advisory board continued to educate and raise awareness of the horror of human trafficking on a local level.  Sister Mary Kuhlman, our founder, never gave up on her quest to establish Sisters in Shelter as we know it today.

With the help of significant partners, Sisters in Shelter opened a new safe house for survivors and received formal, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) status in 2014.  The advisory board became a Board of Directors who in turn named Sister Mary Kuhlman the Director.

In 2015, a Case Manager position was created to assist with volunteer management and to provide safe house residents individualized case plans to assist them in their healing journeys.

During the period 2016-2019 the organization continued to expand its services and programs.  The years of COVID-19 brought many new and unexpected challenges to SIS.

In 2022 we our currently in a rebuilding and transition period - developing a stronger volunteer program, expanding our client support services, preparing to re-open the safe house, developing a stronger relationship with our all-important donors, and continuing our public education.

We believe in prevention through education and are confident that a well-informed community can stop trafficking in its tracks.


  • Exemplary Service Award from the Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities

  • Martin Luther King Day Peacemaker Award 2018