Sisters in Shelter is a non-profit organization located in Downtown Tiffin, Ohio that offers a wide array of services to human trafficking and domestic violence survivors. We also strive to educate the community on these issues and the need to address them right here in Tiffin. We operate a safe house that houses 3 women that each get their own bedroom and bathroom. Here, everything is provided for the women including food, hygiene products, case management, and transportation. 

Services We Offer:

  • safe housing

  • financial assistance

  • emotional support

  • community education

  • case management

  • advocacy transportation

  • anything else the clients need, we find a way to get them access (STD testing, counseling, legal help, etc.)

About Us


Following a human trafficking survivor's desperate plea for safe haven, quickly followed by a second victim's plea, the Sisters of St. Francis, of Tiffin, Ohio with the Religious Sisters of the Toledo Diocese, in 2008, agreed to do all in their power to eradicate sex trafficking in Northwest Ohio. Those pleas for safety were met with the help of Sisters of St. Francis, until priorities shifted and with a lack of staffing and funding, victim housing was no longer feasible. In 2010, the safe house was closed.


Established in March 2009, the advisory board, despite the safe house closure, locally, continued to educate and raise awareness of the horrors of human trafficking. It was then too, that founder, Sister Mary Kuhlman began a quest to establish Sisters in Shelter the agency.


With the help of significant partners, Sisters in Shelter opened a new safe house for victims of trafficking and received formal, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) status in 2014. The advisory board became a Board of Directors who in turn named Sister Mary Kuhlman the Director.


The Salvation Army's Anti-Trafficking Training Program for Service Providers Recognizing and Servicing Victims of Human Trafficking Training Manual became the basis of volunteer's 8-week, required training course. In 2015, a part-time, Case Manager position was created to assist with volunteer management and to provide safe house residents assistance.


A new strategic plan, an unsolicited request for proposal from the Ohio Attorney General's Crime Victims Unit, coupled with a critical need for additional safe house round-the-clock presence, in 2016, the Board agreed to expand the agency's staffing to a full-time Case Manager solely responsible for residents' medical, social and mental needs.


In 2019, as Sister Mary Kuhlman retired, the board agreed on a new executive director, Kjirsten Chevalier who is still holding the position. We also employ a full time Case Manager and Community Outreach Advisor. 


  • Exemplary Service Award from the Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities

  • Martin Luther King Day Peacemaker Award 2018