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The subject of Human Trafficking is far too complex for us to cover everything here. Therefore, we offer this selection of websites which will help you gain a more in-depth understanding of Human Trafficking and how it affects people.

Why is it so important for you to provide housing?

Traditional shelters (ones which are not focused on the needs of Human Trafficking Survivors) may not provide the guidance and structure needed for people with such complex needs and support. Read THIS ARTICLE to find out more.

Why don't Victims just leave?

Traffickers use a variety of tactics to keep their victims both dependent and fearful. Sometimes they threaten the individual and might even threaten to harm the victim's family. Staying put is a result of fear. You can learn more here.

Aren't most of those people drug addicts?

Most are, but not always by choice. Many Victims had ZERO history of drug use when they were first trafficked, but traffickers or pimps often use drugs as a way to enslave, control and debilitate their victims. In other instances, the victims use them to cope with the pain and suffering inflicted upon them. Here's further insight.

It mostly affects foreigners, doesn't it?

According to the National Human Trafficking Hotline, in 2019, around 40% of victims were U.S. Citizens. So yes, it's mostly foreigners—but that shouldn't matter. Everyone deserves to be free.

Traffickers are easilly-recognizable scumbags, right?

Not at all—some masquerade as "nice guys". Even doctors and successful businesspeople have been prosecuted and sentenced for trafficking. Read about a female teacher who recruited teenaged students, and also the young doctor who attempted  to purchase a 12-year-old and keep her as sex slave

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