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Meet our Team

Blue Skies


Jennifer M. Kin

Jennifer became a member of the Sisters in Shelter team in July of 2023. She has an extensive background and experience in the field of law enforcement and a proven history of leadership and organizational skills. Her career in law enforcement exposed her to the tragedy of human trafficking and led to her desire to assist women  who have been trafficked. Jennifer is also passionate about developing programs for community awareness and human trafficking education programs for youth and their parents. You may reach Jen at



Constancia Russell

Constancia became a member of the Sisters in Shelter team in July of 2023. She is multilingual, compassionate, and an educator by trade, with a proven commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of others.  She has experience in providing support and advocacy, in addition to having assessment skills and the ability to develop individualized plans. Constancia is passionate about using her skills to empower survivors and contribute to community well-being. Constancia may be reached by email at

Sister Mary Kuhlman and Judy Hofmann have just completed 11 months of serving as full-time volunteer administrators for the organization, which in mid-2022 was faced with the aftereffects of COVID-19 (reduction in donations and grants, plus operational challenges). During that time, they successfully led the organization through rebuilding and transition. They will continue to provide their expertise and leadership on a volunteer basis, to assist the new staff in the months ahead.

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