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Isolation - An "Opportunistic Infection"


This simple word means being far away from other people/places and having minimal contact with others. In these uncertain times, each and every one of us is required to isolate to protect ourselves and those around us and is meant to represent safety and security.

However, to those who are experiencing domestic violence, isolation was their nightmare before the coronavirus.

Now, the isolation that is meant to keep them safe is putting them in more danger.

The New York Times stated that domestic violence is like an "opportunistic infection" that is thriving in the circumstances created by this pandemic. Rates of family violence increase when families are together for longer periods of time, such as summer vacation and holidays such as Christmas.

The time where those inflicted with domestic violence had any distance from their abuser was when either party was at work. Now with the stay-at-home order in effect, many individuals who are suffering from domestic violence have no reprieve and instances of violence are increasing in frequency and intensity.

As it is, women have difficulty seeking help due to monitored communications, limited time away from the abuser, and/or simply the fear of taking a step to seek help.

However, it is important to remember (both as those who are experiencing it, and the loved ones who know that someone dear to them is experiencing it) that there is help.

This issue is increasing worldwide and there are many resources available that can be sought. Sisters in Shelter is one of those resources for those residing in Tiffin, Ohio and surrounding areas.

Please contact our office by phone 567-938-6163 or email Our director and staff are still devoted to helping those in need, even just for emotional support.

In addition, we are still so grateful for the donations that allow us to continue our work with survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence.

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